The Racecourse, Newbury


  • Sports Venue
  • Berkshire (Newbury)
  • Capacity 50 to 1,000 guests

If you fancy the idea of sitting in a huge room on top of a grandstand and gazing out through plate glass windows across the racecourse to the hills – and perhaps see cantering horses kicking up the turf below you – then you should take The Racecourse, Newbury’s Asian wedding venue offerings seriously. Once you get accustomed to the ambience you discover that there are another two identical levels beneath you with own facilities.

This means you can choose to accommodate 300, 600, 900 or even1,000 Indian wedding guests in individual style according to your custom. You could also hire the Queen of England’s personal viewing space as robing room, or smaller venue for an intimate wedding party of say 50 – 75 guests. You’ll have a capable Asian wedding planner at your side to point out all details, and introduce you to the Royal Loo!

Getting there is as easy as driving down the M4, alighting at the bespoke railway station, or flying in by helicopter to an exclusive landing pad.

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