Dr Ahmed the traditional healer in Johannesburg, Free State, Grahamstown +27732288063

Am Dr.Mohammed I cast spells to meet your needs depending on what your situation may be. My services range from Spells casting to Traditional Healing. All services are through the guidance of my powerful ancestors who gives me the ability to summon them upon and try to help in what affects you.

My traditional practices have been passed on from generations to generations through our Clan

Through the use of charms, prayers and rituals; I cast spells to solve your problems. All this is done with the help of my Ancestral powers, and the earthly spirits. I offer potent spells to solve love related issues, broken hearts, healing and Removal of negative Energy, Money and work problems.
As a healer I use roots, bark, herbs, flowers, and animal products when making muthi.
My divine powers enable me to connect to your forefathers or ancestors to give you guidance in life hence the course of your destiny.
Love Spell +27732288063,
Magic and love spells are psychic energy created in the mind of a witch and magnified by nature using such ingredients as herbs, gemstones and crystals, candles, incense, feathers, seashells and many other scrumptious materials. A combination of the above will help when casting spells for someone regardless of the problem one is facing.
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